Welcome to NGO Board of Malawi

A Statutory Board established by an Act of Parliament to register and regulate NGOs in Malawi

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NGO Registration

To legally operate in Malawi you must be registered with the NGO Board of Malawi. What are other benefits of registering ?

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Welcome To NGO Board of Malawi

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Board of Malawi was established as a statutory Board by an act of Parliament. (Section 6 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Act (Cap 5:05 Laws of Malawi))
Our Mandate is to Register and Regulate the Operations of all NGOs in Malawi Section 18 (1) Act.As a government agency, the NGO Board is under the Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare.

Why Should You Register?

One of the first things that you should know is that you are mandated by the law to register your NGO. There are several benefits for an NGO once you register it formally. Here is a brief overview of the same:

  • It gives legitimacy and credibility
  • NGO registration also gives the leverage of tax exemptions
  • Registering as NGO gives you the credibility to approach prospective donors or institutions
  • It differentiates your NGO from the others
  • As an NGO, you also establish transparency and accountability
  • You have the right to bring expertise from outside to attach to your entity
  • You can collaborate with different stakeholders
  • It makes your NGO recognized in the eyes of people so that you can approach for donations and other help

MyNGO platform was introduced to allow NGOs register and submit their reports online.

What we Do

Our Services


Issuing registration certificates to NGOs/CSOs

Training on Corporate Governance

Providing training of corporate governance to board members of NGOs

TEP Recommendation

Providing letters of recommendation for TEP (Temporary Employment letters)

Capacity Building

Building capacity of Area Development Committee (ADC) leaders on NGO monitoring

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