NGO Board is Managed by a competent team comprising of the CEO and two directors of the directorates

Voice Mhone - Secretary

Voice Mhone

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Voice Mhone is the first ever Chief Executive Officer and Registrar of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Board of Malawi. Joined the Board in 2015.

Voice Mhone is a team leader that has successfully set up the functioning of the Board with robust management and support team. He is charged by Law with responsibility of administering and implementing the NGO Act by registering and regulating operations of NGOs. Key to his regulatory role is to promote development of strong independent NGO sector and facilitate formation and effective functioning of NGOs with a mission of delivering sustainable development through NGO sector regulation.

Voice has a vast experience, expertise and exposure in NGO work. He was the Chairperson of Council for Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi (CONGOMA) 2009-2014. He was the top most lead person of the movement of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Malawi. He was a country CSO lead under SADC Council for NGOs. He successfully led the national dialogue with the Presidential contact dialogue group mediated by Head of United Nations Africa Region. He holds Master’s Degree in Strategic Management University of Derby (UK) and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration University of Malawi, the Polytechnic.

Linda Njinkho Lungu

Director of Corporate Services

Linda Lungu is the Director, Corporate Services. She joined the Board in 2017 and is primarily responsible for NGO registration, compliance and support services. She oversees the effective use of the Board`s assets in human, financial, ICT and infrastructure resources.   

She has seven years work experience as a budget analyst for American Government. She is a Certified Chartered Accountant with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting, Auditing and Information Systems from Malawi College of Accountancy. 

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