List of NGOs that are registered with ngo board of malawi

Registered NGOs in Malawi

List of Registered NGOs/CSOs
Alimahomed Hassan TrustLocal
2ND Milk MinistryLocal
Able FoundationLocal
Access Health Africa, INCInternational
Action Against Hunger-SpainInternational
Action Aid MalawiInternational
Action for Environmental Sustanability-AFESLocal
Action for Sustainable DevelopmentLocal
Action Hope MalawiLocal
Action Ministries TrustLocal
Active Aid in AfricaLocal
Active Youth Iniative for Socail Enhancement (AYISE)Local
Adolescent Girls Literacy Association (AGLIA)Local
Advancing Girls' Education in Africa (AGE Africa)International
Adventist development and Relief Agency-ADRAInternational
Advocation Rights of People Living with HIV/AIDS and Women Empowernment(AROPAW)Local
Africa Aid TrustLocal
Africa Child FoundationLocal
Africa Future FoundationInternational
Africa Lift INC.International
Africa Mindset Change DevelopmentLocal
African Centre of Communication for DevelopmentLocal
African Development & Education Foundation-ADEFLocal
African Fertilizer and Agribusiness PartnershipInternational
African Inspire FoundationLocal
African Institute for Development policy research and Dialogue-AFIDEPInternational
African Institute of Corporate Citizenship_AICCInternational
African medical and research Foundation-AMREFInternational
African Windmill ProjectInternational
Against All Odds Still StandingInternational
Agribusiness Systems International (ASI)International
Agricultural Commodity Exchange (ACE)Local
Ahlus Sunnah foundationLocal
Aid International TrustInternational
Aids Healthcare FoundationInternational
Al-Ehsan and A-Bir TrustLocal
Al-Farah Charitable TrustLocal
Al-haqq Islamic TrustLocal
Alinane Chisomo Television TrustLocal
All Creatures Animal Welfare leagueLocal
Andiamo Youth Cooperative TrustLocal
Angaliba FoundationLocal
Anna kachikho FoundationLocal
Applied Development Communication and Training Services-ADECOTSLocal
Aquaid Lifeline MalawiLocal
Art and Global health centre AfricaLocal
Aself Help Assistance Programme-Africa (ASAP)International
Assemblies of God CareLocal
Association for The Empowernment of WomenLocal
Association of Early Childhood Development in MalawiLocal
Association of Malawian Midwives (AMAMI)Local
Association of Progressive Women (APW)Local
Ayaya foundationLocal
Badilika FoundationLocal
Bambino FoundationLocal
Banda Bola Sports FoundationLocal
Banja La MtsogoloLocal
Baylor College of Medicine Children's foundation-Malawiinternational
Bedir Education and Medical Foundation TrustLocal
Bilal TrustLocal
Billy Riordan Memorial TrustLocal
Blantyre Health Research and Training Trust (BHRTT)Local
Blantyre Institute for Commuinity Ophthalmology-BICOLocal
Blantyre North Relief ProjectLocal
Blantyre Society for Protection and Care of Animals (BSPCA)Local
Blindness Zero(0) Movement InstituteInternational
Bloom trustLocal
Build OnLocal
Bwalo InitiativeLocal
Callista Mutharika Safe Motherhood FoundationLocal
Camfed MalawiInternational
Campaign for Health Education Sanitation and HygieneLocal
Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA)International
Canadian Physician for Aid and Relief(CPAR)-MalawiInternational
Capacity Building Unit for NGO's (CABUNGO)Local
Care from the HeartLocal
Care MalawiInternational
Catholic Relief servicesInternational
Center for Governance and Public ParticipationLocal
Center for Youth and Children Affairs (CEYCA)Local
Centre for Advancement of Sustainable Development (CASDE)Local
Centre for Agriculture Labour Efficient and Development (CALED)Local
Centre for Alternatives for Victimised Women and Children (CAVWOC)Local
Centre for Child Development and ResearchLocal
Centre for Children Affairs_MalawiLocal
Centre for Civil Society Strengthening (CECSSO)Local
Centre for Climate Change and Environment Management (CCCEM)Local
Centre for Community and Youth DevelopmentLocal
Centre for Community Organisation and Development (CCODE)Local
Centre for Conflict Management and Women Development Affairs (CECOWDA)Local
Centre for development communication (CDC)Local
Centre for Development Journalism and AdvocacyLocal
Centre for Development, Research and Information in Southern Africa (CEDRISA)Local
Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA)Local
Centre for Good Governance Human Rights and EducationLocal
Centre for Health and Development ImpactLocal
Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation-CHRR)Local
Centre for Human Rights Education Advice and Assistance-CHREAALocal
Centre for International ProgramsInternational
Centre for Investigative Journalism in Malawi (CIJM)Local
Centre for Legal Assistance-CELALocal
Centre for Multiparty democracyLocal
Centre for Social Accountability and TransparencyLocal
Centre for Solutions JournalismLocal
Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD)Local
Centre for Sustainable Integrated Development (COSIDE)Local
Centre for Sustanable Community development (CSCD)Local
Centre for Women, Childen and Youth EmpowermentLocal
Centre for Young Leaders in AfricaLocal
Centre for Youth and DevelopmentLocal
Centre for Youth Development and Social Empowerment (CYDSE)Local
Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE)Local
Chambe Centre for Divine Mercy-CCDMLocal
Chance for ChangeInternational
Change Her WorldLocal
Chikondano Women and AlliedLocal
Child Fund KoreaInternational
Child Legacy InternationalInternational
Child rights Advocacy and Paralegal aid centre (CRAPAC)Local
Children of Southern AfricaLocal
Children of the NationsInternational
Children's HopeLocal
Chilengedwe Eco-System Management OrganisationLocal
Chinansi FoundationLocal
Chingale Neno Recovery & Development Programme (CHINRAD)Local
Chipembere Community Development OrganisationLocal
Chisomo Childrens ClubLocal
Chovwano for Development (CFD)Local
Christ Care MinistriesLocal
Christian Aid and Literature AfricaLocal
Christian Aid MalawiInternational
Christian Blind MissionInternational
Christian Health Association in Malawi (CHAM)Local
Christian Orphan outreach missionlocal
Christian Service Committee of the Churches in MalawiLocal
Christian Youth Association of Malawi_CYAMALocal
Churches Action in Relief and Development-CARDLocal
Circle for Intergrated Community Development-CICODLocal
Circle J Ministries InternationalInternational
Circle of HopeLocal
Citizen Alliance (C.A)Local
Citizens for justiceLocal
Citizens HealthLocal
Citizens Network for Foreign AffairsInternational
Civil Liberties Committee-CILICLocal
Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET)Local
Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC)Local
Civil Society Network on Climate Change-CISONECCLocal
Civil Society Organisation Nutrition Alliance (CSONA)Local
Clinton Health Access InitiativeLocal
Coalition for the Empowerment of Women and Girls (CEWAG)Local
Coalition of Women and Girls Living with HIV/AIDS (COWLHA)Local
Coalition on Media and Education for Development Africa ForumLocal
Collective Action For Sustainable Community Development (CASCOD)Local
Comitato Internazionale Per Lo Sviluppo Dei Popoli (C.I.S.P)International
Commercial drivers Rehabilitation Consultative CouncilLocal
Communities in Development Activities-COIDALocal
Community Action Development OrganisationInternational
Community Action for Sustainable development Organisation-CASDOLocal
Community Against Diabetes & HypertensionLocal
Community Care Project Trust- CCPTLocal
Community Centre for Youth Support (CCYS)Local
Community Energy MalawiLocal
Community for Youth DevelopmentLocal
Community Health Rights Advocacy LimitedLocal
Community Hope OrganisationLocal
Community Initiative for Self RelianceLocal
Community Initiative for Social Empowernment (CISE)Local
Community of Saint EgidioInternational
Community partnership for Relief and development (COPRED)Local
Compassion InternationalInternational
Concern World WideInternational
Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA)Local
Cooper/Smith Trading as International Monitoring and Evaluation, LLCInternational
Cooperazione Internazionale-COOPIInternational
Co-ordination Unit for Rehabilitation of the Environment (CURE)Local
CORPS AfricaInternational
Corruption and Rights Watch (CORWA)Local
Counselling of the Adolescent and Youth Organisation (CAYO)Local
Counterpart International, IncInternational
Creative Centre for Community Mobilisation (CRECCOM)Local
Creative Centre for Learning DisabilityLocal
Dan Church AidInternational
Democracy Works FoundationInternational
Design OutreachInternational
Determined to DevelopInternational
Development Action for Marginalised Rural Areas-DAMRALocal
Development Aid People to People (DAPP)Local
Development and Equity in Training Aid (DETA)Local
Development communications Trust-DCTLocal
Development Fund of NorwayInternational
Development Media InternationalInternational
Dignitas InternationalInternational
Direct Aid InternationalInternational
Direct Connections to AfricaInternational
Disabilty HIV and Aids Trust (DHAT)Local
Disabled Women in Africa (DIWA)Local
Disabled Women in Development(DIWODE)Local
Dream Big Global InitiativeLocal
Drug Fight MalawiLocal
D-Tree internationalInternational
DVV InternationalInternational
Eagles Relief and Development Programme InternationalLocal
Early Childhood Development CoalitionLocal
ECHO AfricaLocal
Ecumenical Counselling CentreLocal
Education CommisionLocal
Education Commission of LilongweLocal
Education Expertise Development FoundationLocal
Ekari FoundationLocal
Ekwendeni Women DAWA OrganisationLocal
Eldery People Association (EPA)Local
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation (EGPAF)International
Elohim MinistriesLocal
Emmanuel InternationalInternational
Environment AfricaInternational
Environmental and Education resources Development Trust-EERDTLocal
Episcopal Conference of MalawiLocal
Eva Demaya CentreLocal
Evangelical Association of MalawiLocal
Evangelical Lutheran Development ServiceLocal
Evidence ActionInternational
Eye for Development (EFD)Local
Eye of the ChildLocal
Facilitators of Community Transformation (FACT)Local
Faith Orphanage and Youth OrganisationLocal
Family Development ServicesLocal
Family Health InternationalInternational
Family Planning Association of MalawiLocal
Family Rights, Elderly and Child ProtectionLocal
Farm Radio TrustLocal
Farmers Forum for Trade and Social Justice FAFOTRAJ)Local
Farmers union of MalawiLocal
Fatima CentreLocal
Federation of Disability Organisation in Malawi(FEDOMA)Local
Feed the children, INCInternational
Feed the Children-MalawiLocal
Female Education and Empowerment Centre Trust (FEEC)Local
Finance Assistance Change EducationInternational
Find Your FeetLocal
Fletcher Moyo FoundationLocal
Floja FoundationLocal
Food for the HungryInternational
Footsteps AfricaLocal
For A changeLocal
Forum for Africa Women Educationalist in malawi (FAWEMA)Local
Forum for AIDS Counselling and TrainingLocal
Forum for Civic Education (FORCE)Local
Forum for Peace and JusticeLocal
Foundation for A Smoke-Free World, Inc DBA Agriculture Transfomation InitiativeInternational
Foundation for Actions Against AIDS and for Sustained Development-FAADLocal
Foundation for Active Civic Education (FACE)Local
Foundation for Arts and CultureLocal
Foundation for Children's RightsLocal
Foundation for Civic Education and Social Empowerment (FOCESE)Local
Foundation for Community & capacity Development (FOCCAD)Local
Foundation for Community Livelihood and DevelopmentLocal
Foundation for Community Support Services (FOCUS)Local
Foundation for Development and Population InitiativesLocal
Foundation for Irringation and sustainable development (FISD)Local
Foundation for Rural DevelopmentLocal
Foundation for Volunteers ServicesLocal
Foundation of Girls Education and Health NetworkLocal
Fount For NationsLocal
Fountain of HopeLocal
Fountain of LifeLocal
Freedom from Fistula FoundationInternational
Friends of Aids Support Trust (FAST)Local
Friends of MachingaLocal
Friends of Mulanje OrphansInternational
Friends of Sick Children (FOSC)Local
Future of Children FoundationLocal
Future Planning for the ChildLocal
Future Vision Ministries (CANADA)International
Gender Support Programme (GSP)Local
GENESISI Manja OthandizaLocal
Gertrude Muthalika Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM)Local
GGEM FarmingLocal
Gift FoundationLocal
Gift of Givers FoundationInternational
Girl EffectInternational
Girl-child Education, HIV and Aids (GICEHA)Local
Girls Education Program SWEMAL (GEPSM)Local
Girls Empowerment NetworkLocal
Give Directly LimitedInternational
Global Aids Interfaith Alliance (GAIA) African International TrustInternational
Global CommunitiesInternational
Global Health CorpsInternational
Global Health InitiativeInternational
Global Hope MobilisationLocal
Goal MalawiInternational
God Cares Rights FoundationLocal
God's ProjectLocal
Good Health OrganisationLocal
Good Neighbours InternationalInternational
Good News CorpsLocal
Good People InternationalInternational
Gospel in Action Ministries (GIAM)Local
Governance, Gender, Justice and Development CentreLocal
Grace Farm and Childrens HomeLocal
Grace FoundationLocal
Grace MinistriesLocal
Grains Hope Mobilisation (GHMO)Local
Grassroots Movement for Health & DevelopmentLocal
Green LivelihoodsLocal
H.E.A.L TrustLocal
H.E.L.P MalawiInternational
H.H.K MissionInternational
Habitat for HumanityLocal
Happy Heart TrustLocal
Healing Every NationalLocal
Health and Rights education Programme (HREP)Local
Heart to Heart FoundationInternational
HEEED MalawiLocal
Heifer Project InternationalInternational
Help a Child (Stichting Red een Kind )International
Henri Mumba FoundationLocal
Hivos FoundationInternational
Hope African InternationalInternational
Hope for Adolescents (HOFA)Local
Hope for Cancer FoundationLocal
Hope for Children Development Initiative (HOCADI)Local
Hope for Empowerment of Local CommunitiesLocal
Hope for People Empowerment Ministry (Hope Ministry)Local
Hope for The BlindLocal
Hope for the Heart MissionsLocal
Hope for the NationsLocal
Hope International MalawiInternational
Hope Missions MinistriesLocal
Hope Vision SupportLocal
Human Development ServicesLocal
Human Rights consultative CommitteeLocal
Hygiene Village ProjectLocal
IGA MalawiLocal
IM Swedish Development PartnerInternational
Imagine the World AfricaInternational
Innovation for DevelopmentLocal
Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)International
Institute for Policy InteractionLocal
Inter AideInternational
InterChurch Orgainisation for Development Co-operation-ICCOInternational
Intergrated Health InitiativeLocal
International Centre for World MissionInternational
International Foundation for Electoral Systems-IFESInternational
International Fund for Animal Welfare LimitedInternational
International Support & Partnership for Health / St Mary HospitalInternational
IQRA Islamic VisionLocal
Irish Rule of Law InternationalInternational
Islamic Health AssociationLocal
Islamic relief-MalawiInternational
I-TECH MalawiInternational
Jacaranda FoundationLocal
Jesuit Refugee ServiceInternational
Jesuit World LearningLocal
John C. Thomas Children FoundationLocal
John Hopkins University Centre for Communication ProgrammeLocal
Joshua Orphan and Community careLocal
Journalists Association Against AIDS (Journ AIDS)Local
Joy to the World MinistriesLocal
Joyce Banda Foundation InternationalInternational
JSI Research and Training institute, INCInternational
Judith FoundationLocal
Kamamina Orphan Support and Skills CentreLocal
Kamoto Foundation for Rural Development and InitiativeLocal
Kaporo foundation Community trustLocal
Kasalika Community development OrganisationLocal
Kavuzi Camp TrustLocal
Kidney research FoundationLocal
Kids World Outreach SocietyInternational
Kindle Orphan OutreachLocal
Kingdom WorkersInternational
KNCV Tuberculosis FoundationInternational
Knowledge of the Laws of the Land-KNOLLLocal
Kunyumba TrustLocal
Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and EcologyLocal
Labour Rights OrganisationLocal
Ladder for Rural DevelopmentLocal
Landnet MalawiLocal
Last Mile HealthInternational
Latitude Global VolunteeringInternational
Leadership for Environment an Development (LEAD)Local
Learning Aid LimitedLocal
Legal resources FoundationLocal
Leples Vision for the NeedyLocal
Life Child International TrustInternational
Life Concern Organisation (LICO)Local
Lifeline Malawi TrustLocal
Lifenet International Lilongwe LimitedLocal
Lift me upLocal
Ligowe Community Development OrganisationLocal
Likoma Conservation FoundationLocal
Lilongwe Society for the protection and Care of Animalslocal
Lilongwe Wildlife TrustLocal
Limbe Muslim JaamatLocal
Link Community DevelopmentLocal
Link for Citizen Empowerment and DevelopmentLocal
Lipangwe Organic manure Demonstrarion farm (LOMADEF)Local
Literacy For ChangeLocal
Little Dresses for Africa-LDFALocal
Lobbying for Peace, Justice and Transparency (LPJT)Local
Lower Shire AmbassadorLocal
Luke InternationalInternational
Maeve ProjectLocal
Mai Aisha TrustLocal
Mai KhandaLocal
Mai Mwana TrustLocal
Majilis Ulama HIV/AIDS CouncilLocal
Malawi AIDS Counselling Resource Organisation (MACRO)Local
Malawi Alcohol Policy Alliance-MAPALocal
Malawi Business Coalition Against HIV/AIDSLocal
Malawi Centre for Advice Research & Education on Rights-Malawi CARERLocal
Malawi Children's VillageLocal
Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN)Local
Malawi Electoral Support nertworkLocal
Malawi Enterprise Zone AssociationLocal
Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research UnitLocal
Malawi Girl Guides Association (MAGGA)Local
Malawi Health Equity NetworkLocal
Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre (MHRRC)Local
Malawi Human Rights Youth Network (MHRYN)Local
Malawi Interfaith Aids Association (MIAA)Local
Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organisations (MANASO)Local
Malawi Network of Elderly Person's OrganisationLocal
Malawi Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (MANET+)Local
Malawi Relief Fund -UKInternational
Malawi Scotland PartnershipLocal
Malawi Union of The BlindLocal
Malawi Volunteer OrganisationLocal
Malawi Women AssociationLocal
Mama Africa Foundation TrustLocal
Management Science for Health (MSH)International
Maternity WorldwideInternational
Matunkha Development TrustLocal
Mau OyiwalikaLocal
Mchenga Local NGOLocal
Mchinji Orphanage (Home of Hope)Local
McKallies Home of Childrens and HopeLocal
Medecins San Frontieres-GreeceInternational
Media Council of MalawiLocal
Medical Care Development InternationalInternational
Medicines San Frontiers-BelgiumInternational
Medicins Sans Frontiers-FranceInternational
Meeting HubLocal
Mehboob Memorial CentreLocal
Mercy CareLocal
Merry Year InternationalInternational
Mibawa Multimedia for Social DevelopmentLocal
Micro Loan Foundationinternational
Millennium Promise Japan (MPJ)International
Millennium Youth Development Trust (MYDET)Local
Mineral and Appropriate technology Applicable in Malawi(MATAMA)Local
Ministry of HopeLocal
Ministry of Zoey's PlaceInternational
Miracle FoundationLocal
Miral Welfare FoundationInternational
Miske Witt & Associates, IncInternational
Mission KwasizabantuLocal
Mizu Foundation LimitedLocal
Mlambe Health and Social TrustLocal
Mother Mary's Children CentreLocal
Mother Support Initiative TrustLocal
Mothers 2 MothersInternational
Mothers Helping Hand TrustLocal
Motivation Charitable TrustInternational
Mpherere Association for Development in EducationLocal
Mponela Aids Information and Counselling Centre-MAICCLocal
Mtendere Electoral Support NetworkLocal
Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT)Local
Munawwarah Islamic OrganisationLocal
Munazamat Al-Dawa Al-IslamicLocal
Muni Vocational Home CentreLocal
Muslim Association of MalawiLocal
Mustard Seeds CommunitiesLocal
Naki FoundationLocal
Namwera AIDS Coordinating CommitteeLocal
Nanze Children's Services, INCInternational
Nanzikambe Arts development OrganisationLocal
Nascent Solutions Inc.International
NASO Trust-For Positive Mindset ChangeLocal
National Association of Business WomenLocal
National Association for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi-NAPHAMLocal
National Cooperation Business association -CLUSA International ( CLUSA)International
National Democratic Institute for International AffairsInternational
National Elections Systems TrustLocal
National Nutrition HIV/AIDS Social Rehabilitation (NNHSR)Local
National Women's lobby and Rights GroupLocal
Naturally AfricaLocal
Nature Conservation and Humanitarian Support Organisation (NAHACUSO)Local
Nayuchi Aids Network servicesLocal
Ndi Moyo Palliative Care TrustLocal
Ndi tsogolo langaLocal
Network for Youth DevelopmentLocal
Network of Journalists Living with HIV (JONEHA)Local
New Apostolic Church Relief OrganisationInternational
New Vision Foundation TrustLocal
NGO Coalition on Child RightsLocal
NGO Gender Coordination networkLocal
Nkhadze Alive Youth OrganisationLocal
Nkhoma Synod Youth and Children MinistryLocal
Nkhotakota Community RadioLocal
Norwegian Church AidInternational
Ntchisi Evangelica Churches Consortium for Social Services-NECCOSSLocal
Ntchisi Organisation for Youth & DevelopmentLocal
Nyumba Ya TsogoloLocal
One Acre FundInternational
Open Arms Infant HomesLocal
Oppoturnity International MalawiInternational
Orant Charities AfricaInternational
Organisation for Sustainable Social Economic Development Initiative (OSSEDI)Local
Orphan Care Malawi ProjectLocal
Orphan MinistriesLocal
Orphan Widow, Aids, Campaign OrganisationLocal
Outreach Scout Foundation (OSF)Local
Oxfam MalawiInternational
PACT Malawiinternational
Paediatric Surgery TrustLocal
Paediatrics and Child Health Association (PACHA)Local
Pakachere Institute for health and DevelomentLocal
Palliative Care Assocviation Malawi (PACAMA)Local
Pamoza InternationalLocal
Pamudzi Community TrustLocal
Pan African Civic Educators Network (PACENET)Local
Pang'ono Pang'ono O.D.VInternational
Paralegal Advisory Service Institute (PASI)Local
Parent and Child Health Initiative (PACHI)Local
Parent of Disabled Children Association of Malawi (PODCAM)Local
Participatory development Initiatives (PDI)local
Participatory Rural Development Organisation-PRDOLocal
Partner for DevelopmentLocal
Partners Alliance in Development (PAD)Local
Partners in Action for Sustainable DevelopmentLocal
Partners In Harvest-IRIS AfricaInternational
Partners in HealthInternational
Partners in HopeLocal
Partnership for Human SecurityLocal
Passion Centre for ChildrenLocal
Peace and Development TrustLocal
Peachtree Tubepoka LegaciesLocal
Pentecostal Charismatic Network of Malawi (PECHAN)Local
Peoples Federation for national Peace and developmentLocal
Perivoli Schools TrustInternational
Philadelphia Missionary Training CentreLocal
Philadephia FoundationLocal
Phokera Health InitiativeLocal
Phunzirani development OrganisationLocal
Plan International INC. MalawiInternational
Populaton Services International (PSI)International
Positive Action for Youth and WomenLocal
Positive StepsLocal
Prisca Care FoundationLocal
Prison Fellowship MalawiLocal
Professional Women's Network (PROWNET)Local
Programme for Rural EmpowermentLocal
Project Child MalawiLocal
Project Concern InternationalInternational
Project Heart to Heart MalawiLocal
Project Hope MalawiInternational
Project Peanuts ButterLocal
Project RevivalLocal
Public Affairs CommitteeLocal
Public Service Pensioners Association (PUSEPA)Local
Pump AidInternational
Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM)Local
Rafiki Foundation Malawiinternational
Rainbow Childrens Development CentreLocal
Rays of Hope MinistriesLocal
Reflecting FoundationLocal
Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI)International
Rejoice in Hope (Sister to Brother)Local
Research For Equity and Community Health (REACH) TrustLocal
Research Triangle Institute (RTI)International
Resilient Communities Africa Trust (RECOAT)Local
Rhema Institute for DevelopmentLocal
Rhoda Foundation for Development Initiatives (RFFDI)Local
Riders for HealthLocal
Right To care MalawiLocal
Rights Advice CentreLocal
Rights institute for Social Empowerment-RISELocal
Rights People Claim (RIPEC)Local
Ripple AfricaInternational
River of Life OrganisationLocal
Rumphi HIV/AIDS and Education Awareness programme (REAP)Local
Rural Education Support and Rehabilitation Unit (RESARU)Local
Rural Poultry CentreLocal
Ruth's Shaw IncInternational
Salima HIV/AIDS Support Organisation (SASO)Local
Samaritan TrustLocal
Save Orphan MinistriesLocal
Save the Children InternationalInternational
Save the Youth Organisation (SAYO)Local
Sceptre Youth Skills Development CentreLocal
Scope ProgramLocal
Scottish international Relief Malawi/Mary's Meals MalawiInternational
Seed Global Health LimitedInternational
Segal Family FoundationInternational
Self Help AfricaInternational
Seward incorporatedinternational
Shaping our future FoundationLocal
Sheikhs Ulama Council of malawiLocal
Shelter on the RockLocal
SightSavers internationalinternational
Small producers Development and Transporters Association (SPRODETA)Local
Small Scale Livestock promotion programmeLocal
Smile MalawiInternational
Social Economic enhancement and Enterprise development (SEEED)Local
Social Foundation justice Development CouncilLocal
Social Initiative Program and Community Innovation OrganisationLocal
Social Islamic development (SID)Local
Society for Women and Aids in malawiLocal
Socio-Cultural Association-SOTTOSOPRAInternational
Soils Food and Healthy CommunitiesLocal
Solar Aid MalawiInternational
SOS children VillageInternational
Special Olympics MalawiLocal
SRHR africa Trust (SAT)International
St John Council MalawiLocal
Stand As One Ministry LimitedLocal
Stephanos FoundationInternational
Story TimeInternational
Student Christian Organisation of MalawiLocal
Sub-Suharan Africa Family Enrichment-SAFELocal
Sue Ryder Foundation in MalawiLocal
Sugarcane Growers Association of malawiLocal
Sunrise Family services SocietyInternational
Support Elderly People and Youth Initiative Organisation (SEPYI)Local
Support the Children InitiativeLocal
Sustainable Community Development Through Peoples Participation (SCODPP)Local
Sustainable Rural Community development Organisation-SURCODLocal
Sustainable Rural Growth and development Initiative (SRGDI)Local
Synod of Livingstonia Church of Central africa PresbyterianLocal
Teen Missions InternationalInternational
Teethsavers internationalInternational
Temwa MalawiLocal
The Archdiocese Lilongwe Diocese Catholic Health CommisionLocal
The Bible Society of MalawiLocal
The Book Bus FoundationInternational
The Chesney TrustLocal
The Children's FundLocal
The Hunger projectInternational
The Landilani TrustInternational
The Malama Feeding Centre TrustLocal
The New Restoration Ministries internationalLocal
The Raising MalawiLocal
The Sonder ProjectInternational
The Sparkle FoundationInternational
The Story Workshop and Education TrustLocal
Theatre for ChangeLocal
There is HopeLocal
Tigwirane Manja OrganisationLocal
Tigwiranemanja AIDS Support OrganisationLocal
Tilitonse FoundationLocal
Timotheos FoundationLocal
Timveni Child and Youth Media OrganisationLocal
Tiphedzane community Support OrganisationLocal
Tithandizane Association for the BlindLocal
Tithandizane Youth Support OrganisationLocal
Tiwakhululukire Iwowa InitiativeLocal
Tiwasunge Community Support OrganisationLocal
Tiyende Pamodzi GroupLocal
Total land Care MalawiInternational
Tovwirane OrganisationLocal
Training Support for PartnersLocal
Trustees of Agricultural Promotion ProgrammeLocal
Tubepoka development initiative (TDI)Local
Ubuntunet Alliance for Research and Education NetworkingInternational
Ujamaa Pamodzi AfricaInternational
Ulimi TrustLocal
Umodzi Youth Organisation (UYO)Local
Umunthu FoundationLocal
Umunthu PlusLocal
United Nations Association International ServiceInternational
United PurposeInternational
United Village TransformationInternational
Unlimited Youth OrganisationLocal
Urunji Child-Care trustLocal
Victory Christian Children's HomeLocal
Village of Hopeinternational
Village ReachInternational
Vision For DevelopmentLocal
Visual Hearing Impairment of Membership Association (VIHEMA)Local
Voluntary service Overseas (VSO)sInternational
Wakisa Local NGOLocal
War on Want Northern IrelandInternational
Warm Hearts FoundationInternational
WASTE MalawiLocal
Water Aid MalawiInternational
Water and Environmental Sanitation Network(WES Network)Local
Water for PeopleInternational
Water Missions InternationalInternational
Water Wells for AfricaInternational
Water Witness InternationalInternational
Water WorksLocal
We EffectInternational
Wellspring MinistriesLocal
When the SaintsInternational
White Ribbon Alliance for Safe MotherhoodLocal
Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi (WESM)Local
William J Clinton FoundationInternational
Winrock InternationalInternational
Woman Care GlobalInternational
Women and Law in Southern AfricaLocal
Women for Fair Development (WOFAD)Local
Women in Partnership Against HIV and AIDSLocal
Women of Virtue International Christian Charity OrganisationLocal
Women's Hope for ChangeLocal
Women's Legal Resources centre_WOLRECLocal
Work for Rural HealthLocal
World Altering Medicine OrganisationLocal
World Association friends of africa-WAFALocal
World Child CancerInternational
World Education, IncInternational
World Hope InternationalInternational
World Learnig IncInternational
World Medical FundInternational
World Relief InternationalInternational
World RenewInternational
World SharpLocal
World University Service of CanadaInternational
World Vision International-MalawiInternational
Yaboki Social Welfare Organisation (YASWORG)Local
Yamba Malawi, IncInternational
Yembekeza FoundationLocal
Young LifeInternational
Young Women's Christian Association of MalawiLocal
Youth and Childrens Rights Shield (YOCRIS)Local
Youth and Community Development OrganisationLocal
Youth and Society (YAS)Local
Youth Care ministriesLocal
Youth Coalition for the Consolidation of DemocracyLocal
Youth for Green WorldLocal
Youth Impact MalawiLocal
Youth in Agriculture for Economic Development (YAED)Local
Youth Initiative for Change and DevelopmentLocal
Youth Initiative for Community Development (YICOD)Local
Youth Net and counselling (YONECO)Local
Youth of Malawi, INCInternational
Youth Project ExcellenceLocal
Youth Response for Social Change-YRSCLocal
Youth Watch Society (YOWSO)Local
Zam Zam FoundationLocal
Zayed Energy and Ecology centreLocal
Zikomo Yesu Enterprises (NGO)Local
Zoe MinistryInternational